We have a comprehensive amount of equipment that changes all the time as we keep up with technology and trends in the Event Equipment hire industry. Please enquire as to wether we have what you are looking for, whether it be Sound Hire, Audio Visual Hire, Lighting or Stage Hire, We are able to hire in any specific requirements that you may have. Our equipment list is moulded around our customers so let us add your gear requirements to this list.

Audio - Sound Hire


D&B V-series Line array

                12 x V8; 4 x V12

                8 x B2 Sub

                4 x V Subs; 2 x FF

                4 x D80

                1 x D12

DB Tech - VIO Line Array

               16 x VIO208

                 8 x 118R

                 4 x FFrame

                 4 x Stacking Frame

JBL SR718 Subs x 2

JBL VRX918 Subs x 2

JBL STX815M x 10

JBL MPro412 x 4

JBL MRX500 x 4

JBL PRX615M x 11

JBL PRX612M x 12

JBL PRX710 x 2

JBL PRX715s Sub  x 2

JBL PRX618XL Sub x 4

JBL EonG2 15” x 4

JBL EonG2 10” x 4

Wharfdale Titan 8” x 6

Martin Audio - CCDLive12 x 8

Turbo Sound - IP1000 x 6


Crown I-Tech 6000 x 1

Crown I -Tech 4000 x 1

Crest CA12 x 1

Crest CA6 x 2

Crest 8001 x 1

MC2 E45 x 2


Yamaha CL5 72ch Digital

Yamaha Rio 32/16 stage box x 2

Yamaha LS9-32 Digital x 2

Yamaha TS3 - 24ch Digital

Yamaha TS1 - 16ch Digital

Yamaha - TIO16 Stage box

Soundcraft SI Compact 24


Soundcraft SI Expression 1 16ch


Soundcraft GB4 24ch

Allen& Heath ZED22

Yamaha MG166CX – USB x 2

Soundcraft MPM12 x 2

Allen & Heath 14 x 4

Soundcraft M8

Soundcraft EFX12

Soundcraft  EPM8 x 1

Soundcraft Folio F1

Soundcraft FX8

Soundcraft SX 12ch

Pioneer DJM900 Nexus x 2

Pioneer DJM800

Pioneer DJM700

Pioneer DJM600 x 2

Outboard – various DBX

Audio Splitters – Klark Teknik

   Square One x 2

Microphones - Wireless

Sennhieser E100 G3 x 10

Shure ULX-D 4ch rec x 3

Shure ULX x 2

Shure SLX x 19

Sennhieser E100 G1 x 1

Shure QLX-D 4ch x 1

Shure QLX=D 2ch x 2

Microphones – Cabled

AKG Drum Mic kit

Audix Drum Mic kit

Shure SM57 x 10

Shure SM58 x 10

Shure Beta 58 x 0

Shure Beta52 x 1

Shure Beta 91 x 1

AKG C1000 x 4

Shure SM94 x 2

Shure PG58 x 4

AKG D5 x 5

Crown LM300 x 2

Shure MX418 x 2

Audix 418 x 18

Audix 412 x 5

Sennheiser E35 x 1

Sennheiser E45 x 2

CD Players

Pioneer CDJ2000 x 6

Pioneer CDJ850 x 2

Pioneer CDJ800 x 2

Pioneer CDJ200 x 2

Pioneer CDJ100 x 2

Denon DN3500s x 2

Denon 4500 Dual

Gemeni Dual x 2



Moving Heads

Martin MH3 Beam x 18

Martin Mac600 x 5

Martin Mac401 x 16

Martin Mac250+ x 2

Martin MX10 x 4

Robe Robin 600e Spot x 12

Robe Robin 100 Beam x 18

Robe Spiider Beam/Wash x 12

Robe LED Beam 150 x 8

Varilte VL2600 Profile x 12


Avolites Tiger Touch x 2

Avolites Titan Mobile

Avolites Titan one x 2

MA Dot2 Core

MA Dot2 Fader Wing

MA Dot2 Node-1k

Martin Light Jockey x 1

Strand 200+ 48/96

Zero 88 Elara 12ch

6 way generic x 6


Avolites 2000 Powercube

Electron 12ch x 1

Redback 12ch x 1

Electron 6ch x 3


JEM ZR44 x 2

JEM ZR33 x 1

MVS Hazer x 3

JEM 24/7 Hazer x 2

Antari Z1000

Atomic 3000 Strobes x 4

8 Way Crowd Blinders x 6

12 x 2 Way LED Blinders

LED UV Pars x 32


+/- 48 Par 64 lanterns

+/- 16 Par 56 lanterns

+/- 60 LED Pars std

72  x Versa High power IP65 LED pars

12 x Longman LED Face Par

48 x High Power LED Pars

8 x Versa High power LED Bars

4 x Longman IP65 LED Bar HP

12 x Longman IP65 LED Bar

4 x Versa 4x4 RGBW LED wash


x x 

Audio Visual Hire

Gloshine LED Screen Indoor  LM3.91 (500mm x 500mm) x 200.

Gloshine LED Screen - Indoor /Outdoor 5.95P (1000mm x 500mm) x 163

Christie HD14K-M DLP 3 chip x1

FHD Projectors with various lenses

Christie DWX951 DLP 1 chip 8500 ansi HD Projector x 2

Christie  LHD720i HD 7000ANSI Projector x 2

Christie LX551 5500ANSI HD projector x 4

A wide selection of medium sized LCD Projectors 6000/7000 ANSI

A wide selection of meeting Room / Breakaway Projectors Std & HD 2000- 5500 ANSI

Truss Screens: 6m / 8m (HD) and 5m (Std) Front & Rear surfaces

Fast Fold Screens: from  2.4m – 6m (4:3)

Fast Fold Screens: 16’x9’, 12'x7 10' x 6' 

A range of tripod and pull up portable screens.

Plasma screens: 42” +/- 30 Units with stands and skirted.

Samsung video wall 46” FHD LCD: 22 Panels

Kramer switch gear: VP747’s, VP727’s, VP728’s & VP724’s

Barco 9023G

Barco S3 Jnr

Analogue way Pulse II 3G

Analogue Way – Tetra Vio ( Image Pro)

A large range of AV interfaces and integrators.

Analogue and Digital (Fibre) cable options available.

Sony PD170 Camera & Tripod

Media Server: Watchout 5

Stage Hire

9m x 6m TFL Roof Stage

   (Ground support)

110 x Stage-Plus Decks 2m x 1m

8 x Stage Plus Decks 1m x 1m

4 x 1/4 Round Prolyte Decks

44 x 2.4m x 1.2m Podiums

Layher Scaff structures for

    towers and stages

Trussing: Prolyte H40v

                  Prolyte H30v

                  TFL S-Type

                  2 x 6m H30v Circles

  Assortment of H30v Angles:

     30, 45, 60 , 120 Degree

Rigging: 14 x CM500Kg Motors, 8 x CM250kg Motors, 3 x Controllers

Stage Flats:







Custom Flats and Sets

FOH Structure

120m Yellow Jackets ( L)


Interested in our Sound hire, Stage Hire or Audio Visual Hire for one of your special events? Let's Talk.​